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Monday, February 15, 2010

Fuel all gone, Power Out? Read this News

PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:35 am Post subject:

It just had to snow as I am running out!
Kerosene should last to 5:00 PM?
Thank you!


I think I have had it bad in our ice storms? Ha Two – three weeks with no water or power or heat of any kind in our area, wrapped in an arctic sleeping bag ….. was nothing compared with this. What has been the lowest temps here in MO? 40 below zero! So cold the oak trees exploded. People ran out with their guns as they thought they were under attack.:)

Keith Olbermann’s Quick Comment about the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Relief Effort

Native American Disaster Overshadowed by Haiti

Friday, February 12, 2010

Out Of The Mouth ,The Heart Speaks

Or is that Black Mail in the worst way but it back fires? With a Grandchild as the weapon! Yikes!

With no facts in place about what was really going on in the first place. It brought about a very non Bible way response and showed the real Heart as now retaught by a religion. Who I found always fell short of Jesus teachings. Not the, this is what it says but here is my spin on what it really means. lol Or a Evil version of how I can be mean and cruel just like a living hell for anyone who does not agree with me.

I find people pick or are brain washed into their own paths. So live and let live, as it will all get sorted out in the end:) A beautiful Heart and the kindness of a person to all, is what I look for in a person.

What is happening you ask? What story is this? It is a religious story of times old. What is true what is not , is it Bible, is it not? Where did Holidays come from and how did Christianity blend them together?

Jesus was of Jewish birth so he kept none of the pagan or pagan/ Christian mix Holidays. No, it is a fact! Research real History Books not a person's thoughts on history books via their religions beliefs. The Pagan Holidays were there when Jesus was born as were the Hebrew Holidays. The Christian Holidays/Pagan mix came on the scene after Jesus was murdered. A long time after!!!!

Okay, You go out in the working World in what ever Country you live in. When a Holiday rolls along. Most all people say a Season or Holiday Greeting to each other and to you. If you believe that way or not! Do you give them a History lesson or just say thanks and smile at them?

Okay my one child [ I did have more then one child ] ........did go out and worked for a small family business until it sold out finally and they always did the Holiday Greetings every year to all the workers and the workers to each other. So my child started dating a co-worker who loves all the Holidays! Hey! Fine...... But did judge me on my not keeping all their Holidays for my children as they grew up. They just kept different Holidays , with in our beliefs is all:) We thought we were happy and had a good time! :) Hey, you get that alot from others of different backgrounds. Have you noticed that yourself?

So finally the two go house hunting together ! My child then makes a commitment and moves in with the one they are dating/ yep leaves mom's and their home. So here comes the yearly Holidays!

What happens! A sibling joins the other childs old work group site and here comes the season greetings. The dating child now committed does a No, No in the other siblings eye. Gives a greeting to all for their now loved one. !!!!!!!!!!!

Who is torn limb for limb? The dating one? Oh no!!!!!!!! It is all moms fault because she is not of that childs [ with grandchild ] religion. Now you get the picture?

The now shunned child says, it was the most horrible things they had ever heard, that was said about me by their sibling. Kept saying to themself ..... "Just in one ear and out the other! I will not remember a word of this or ever tell my mother these words." "Some day you will get older and then understand where mother is coming from." or meaning when you Grow up! So we were both shunned that day by that now religious child with baby. See what I mean about black mail? So sad for them really.

Ahhh no, I am very calm about it all ! I do feel sorry for my children for this to have happened. The religion broke every Bible No, No taught by Jesus! Sad really. Think of all the religious Wars in the World! Not one was worth it, no, not even one murder was worth it! You can even murder with the tongue! Their father's mom/ their grandmother, even quoted that at her bed as she past on. Interesting! History repeating itself? Hummmmmm

So that was the story for now!
So do I say The End?