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Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a shock!

Isaiah just found out he has cataracts in both eyes!
Without his dime store glasses to read with, he is legally blind!

With the reading glasses he can read the third line on chart. Without, he can not even make it to end of first line!!!!

I feel so bad! I had found out when he was little he was born with a rare cataract in the one eye! But now both? Was it with his dad having cancer?


Blue Ribbons for each of you!

Blue Ribbons for each of you!
One of those Little Movies:)

Who You Are Makes a Difference

Wishing you peace, love & happiness today & always.

Dancing in the eye at night as a circle of white tornados surround me.

Dancing in the eye at night as a circle of  tornados surround me.
I was really heading over to help with a film shoot!



western oklahoma tornado at night
Western Oklahoma at night
by Matt Ver Steeg, WeatherEdge, Inc.

This movie clip is from a chase in western Oklahoma. What you will see is the frequent lightning bursts, which put on an incredible show.

1.2mb file size:QuickTime format



<ahref="http:"" pictures="" tornado="" ok2_1997.jpg="">Oklahoma Tornado
Oklahoma Tornado- May 25, 1997

More tornado chasing near Middleburg and Liberty, Oklahoma. This picture was taken by Paul Wetzl of Tornado Express.

Video of intercepting this tornado:
Real Video- 2.58 MB
Windows Media Player- 2.61 MB-Internet Explorer

Just a couple of true stories:

My little trip and meeting Tornados at night for a long over do talk!

Leaving one part of Tornado Alley, I travel to see just where these tornados come from that dump loads of mud on us each year and tear up my brand new home I bought. I needed to have a talk with them.

Yes, I bought one of those 76' long Brand Spanking New tin boxes off the lot. Really, nothing but a tin box !!! You can use a pair of tin snips to cut a hole in the side and walk right in! Talk about safety!

I then paid to have it moved across five states (don't ask, it was about a stupid sign I asked for, about if I should move to Missouri:) So as I had asked ..... it happened! Becareful what you ask for!

So I followed that shiny new piece of tin, with my wallet of money in my hand. Watching them blow out all its tires over and over again, rip siding off its side, or any thing else that was sticking out a few inches as they tried to get 14 feet wide through a 12 foot space.

Finally, after a few of those Tornado dances greeting us. We sat up this Tin Pin in the Tornado Bowling Alley on the Trail of Tears right by a junction. So I could really get involved with the past of the Elders and meet this famous 'dead man walking'. so it could finish the job on this trailer! As I threw my now empty wallet away.

Okay, okay so what do you spend your money on for fun?


Back to my other true story.........Okay, now I could see their camp fire light in the night sky ahead. I was wondering what kind of wood they were burning, from all the beautiful colors of reds, yellows, greens, blues to purples I was seeing in side an eye design.

Lightening did all different designs, of fans opening up even in different colors, not regular flashes we are so use to seeing... as that eye blinked in colors looking at me! Oh what a show they were putting on for me dancing from cloud to cloud as they waited my arrival.

Then they sat down to the ground in a wide circle around me. As the head one met me in a cloud of black fury ahead of me. Yes, I was in it, I could not run, turn around or back up! So I went forward holding tightly to the steering wheel pressing my foot down on the gas pedal.

He spoke words of ice as he beat me with them, but I was not scared ...... no not I, not this woman ... so he shook me, rocked me, twisted & twirled me with his wind of fury and metal flew at me tearing at my car underneath it.

Haha I still was not scared. So he finally stopped talking and let me past, but placing me 37 miles off the path I was on. Oooooppsss a bit crooked on the road and in wrong lane but I straighten out quickly and got in my lane?

Ha! I sure showed them a thing or two about what I thought of their games, as my battle torn car shimmied all the way back home.   Well, I have to repair my broken car but thankful  I still have a car.


Photo of a tornado swirling in the distance

Tornadoes come
in all shapes and
sizes. Born in the roiling entrails of storms, the most dangerous ones can pack winds over 300 miles (480 kilometers) an hour—enough to lift houses off foundations and toss cars into the air. Photo by?

Now research, I have not found any photos of Colored Fans or an Eye of many changing colors with the Storm Chasers! Did I see something never seen before? Like a language in signs, like with Native symbols?......Ann

Ahhhh my son's girl friend has seen the fans and symbols and says the colored eye is bad news, as it means you are in the tornado! The pro's do not have those pictures because they have not been that close? eh....... Ann


Tornado Warnings looking for FanLightningEyes  [ t o r n a d o e s   :   i n s i d e   t h e   e y e ] So what is it like in the eye of a tornado? Survivors who have experienced the center of a storm report complete silence in the eye, and a strange, blue glow. Looking up, the tornado looks like a hollow column, slick-surfaced and opaque, about ten feet thick, resembling the inside of a pipe. It extends upward for over a thousand feet, swaying gently. At the bottom, according to one testimony, the funnel was 150 yards across and was larger higher up, and was filled witha bright cloud, shimmering like a fluorescent light. The column appears to be a stack of huge rings, each independent of the next. These rings cause waves to ripple from top to bottom. As each wave reaches the bottom of the tornado, the funnel’s tip snaps like a whip.

A Kansas farmer looked straight up a tornado near Greensburg on June 22, 1928. He described a circular opening in the center of the funnel, about 50 or 100 feet wide. Extending up for half a mile, its walls were spinning clouds and full of lightning flashes. He saw smaller tornadoes constantly form and break away from the center with hissing sounds.Inside the Eye - Tornadoes - Forces of Nature So what is it like in the eye of a tornado? Survivors who have experienced the center of a storm report complete silence in the eye, and a strange,

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Saturday, March 29, 2008