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Mountain Country
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thoughts about My Life

Flash back mind photos will continue …..

My Favorites:
gentle rain storms;
walking along the beach,
waves washing over my feet,
gulls flying over head,
a gentle breeze blowing my hair,
the smell of salt water;
Walking in a deep forest with tall older trees making it like a room,
sun light filtering down,
birds singing,
the ground at my feet like a carpet.
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Glimpse’s of My Life Through My Mind’s View Finder

Born on the North West Coast of the US. I am use to Snow Capped Mountains, beautiful Forests, wild flowers on wild Rivers. The once wild foods, berries of the area and the beloved Salmon.

I could look out across the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. I could look in land at the Snow Capped Mountains.

I watched the Hawks and Eagles soaring in the clean pure blue skies. Enjoyed the thrill of the first crys of the Geese in Spring and Winter. As thousands of flocks in v formation made their dramatic way North or South each season.

Loving the show of the Northern Lights dancing across the skies.

Hearing the howl of the wolf packs. Hearing them pausing at the tent flap at night, as they listened in on you.

Finding you were being tracked by curious Mountain Lions in the snow when crossing back over the trails and seeing their foot prints behind yours.

Seeing huge bear tracks just filling in with water on the trail and the hair standing up on the back of your neck realizing he/she is right next to you in the brush.

Finding what you love and kindly loving yourself.

We connect the dots when looking back, after life happens. So follow your heart, your inter spirit, a feeling of knowing it is right. Or even knowing what is wrong for you - a doubt.

Stop and really listen to what is quietly being said. Go to a special place of quiet, a wood lands path for a walk, the mountains to sit and gaze out over the world around you, a garden bench in a special nook or have a quiet spot in your home.

Our body even tries to talk with us on how it feels, what it wants or what is just too much. When it needs rest and wants a quiet time.

So many gems that may ring true to us:

One of the hardest jobs of all! Looking for that special job, finding what you love to do! Is it ever too late? Are you ever too old? I think not …….

Don’t be put off achieving your destiny, even if you have experienced failure in …

But remember this

A nice motivational speech of Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs to 2005 graduates: ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’
Connecting the dots; Love and loss; Use death as a tool; 3 true stories of his life.

Tornado Mud!

800px-tornado_near_minco_oklahoma_-_noaaMy son has been using my car, as it travels well and gets 33 plus miles to the gallon. As he has been doing surveys for World Hunger at Food Pantries. He also volunteers at Food Harvest.

Well, he decided he would try to get the black road oil it looked like, off my car’s white paint! Never had that problem before on my white paint! What happened?

He got a Green cleaner and a bucket of water, after trying with a brush at a car wash ,which did not remove it. With a large car sponge he started in, then he finally got out the hose to use the well water and found not only did I have this black film but what seemed like tons of black mud in at my car windows inside the door and around my head lights and mainly the tail lights! It just kept pouring out! Wow my car even looks white again and I bet it is tons lighter:) Well, until the next tornado comes traveling by that is!

Thank You my son !


Southern Mailboxes

Only in SC!

A Home Builder in Georgia !

ONLY in Kentucky!

Self explanatory!


Only in Alabama!

The one below is: 'Where you can put the bills...'

...Only in Tennessee!