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Mountain Country
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Others pictures at begining of 2007 Ice Storms

Tuesday, January 16, 2007
It was our turn!  Ice Storms; had no power, phone, gas, still no kerosene heat or water  
Chillin' |  Ice killed so many trees, that tornados left! Still none of our pics!

I missed this before, see baby wolf or pup? in this front downed tree
  • YouTube - Ice Storm, Springfield Missouri (National Ave.) Ice Storm, Springfield Missouri , 2007  ...

  • Our January - Febuary 2007 Ice Storm

    No power, so no kerosene, gas, water, no heat! You and pets/ birds stayed/lived in  Arctic sleeping bags, trying to stay warm!

    Starting that one night, then a few hours later at day break the same pine tree was carved in ice

    Trees started snapping off, after bending as far as they could from the weight.

    What are you doing here Mr. Robin? Your Food-  bugs/worms Dairy Queen style? How come you are not frozen? Oh I guess you are!

    Monday, December 3, 2007

    Mule Takes on Mountain Lion

    Fwd: Fw: True meaning of "Bad Ass" - Mule Takes on  Mountain Lion - WOW!

    This may be a first...

    A couple from Montana were out riding on the range, he with his rifle and she (fortunately) with her camera. Their dogs always followed them, but on this occasion a Mountain Lion decided that he wanted to stalk the dogs (you'll see the dogs in the background watching). Very, very bad decision.

    The hunter got off the mule with his rifle and decided to shoot in the air to scare away the lion, but before he could get off a shot the lion charged in and decided he wanted a piece of those dogs. With that, the mule took off and decided he wanted a piece of that lion. That's when all hell broke loose for the lion.


    As the lion approached the dogs the mule snatched him up by the tail and started whirling him around. Banging its head on the ground on every pass. Then he dropped it, stomped on it and held it to the ground by the throat. The mule then got down on his knees and bit the thing all over a couple of dozen times to make sure it was dead, then whipped it into the air again, walked back over to the couple (that were stunned in silence) and stood there ready to continue his ride as if nothing had just happened.


    Fortunately, even though the hunter didn't get off a shot, his wife got off these 4..

    Can now add commenters that are off AOL?

     Home from hospital after first operation ... very tired!

    Thursday, November 29, 2007

    Free AOL? Guess I will soon find out!

    I am not sure how it works, but I got DSL through my phone Company and cannot afford to pay for two accounts.

    So I know for a fact that some are still doing their Journals at AOL but say they are now doing it free? How does this work? Do I have to change something?

    Just wanted all my readers here to know ahead of time of this change and what is happening!

    I am now getting my AOL mail through another source then homepage, so cannot get to my old files, bookmarks etc. Have tons of firewalls set up and all that good stuff .... like ..... Wow! I think I am the one in a cage now:)

    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    Around town this Saturday

    Getting to the Post Office for stamps before noon!!!!!!!!  Headed out the door with my hair wet from shower & shampoo:)

    I had to park far away from the Post Office entrance so a man then held 3 different doors open for me and the post mistress had me come to head of the line:) Awwwwww I felt sorry for the two legged people, can you believe that! Their good deeds for the day:)

    So I get something to drink at a drive through afterwards. And return the extra $10.00 the guy gave back with my change. How surprised he was when I drove back through;) Ah, my good deed for the day! :)

    I see I need to fill my gas tank after trip back from WVa. So pull into Kum & Go station. I notice they have duck tape over 4 of the buttons. That should have been my sign to not even try in the first place. So I lock my gas cap back on, get into my car and notice this guy watching me as he fills his small black car.

     Just then a couple walk up with cups of drinks and go across in front of my car, to go to their truck. This guy that had been watching me, steps  over to them  and raises his hand. I think ahhh friends and a high 5 ;) He swings his arm back and POW! The other fellows drink goes sailing/ flying through the air and he jumps side ways away from the swinging fellow, expecting more of an attack!

     The woman yells out "That was not called for , we did nothing to you!" The one in black car spouts off something! Three people pull out their cell phones and all call the police!

    The man hit comes up and asks me "You saw all that happened right?" The man with the black car takes off! I say better get his plate number ..... so a guy is giving it over cell phone to the police as car speds away.

    Oh you guessed it by now I got to wait for the police to fill out a report, too. Another good deed for the day?:)

    I never did get gas! And the drink I had ? As I crutched it up the home ramp, I set it on the rail for a moment to get my crutch under my arm better and the cup sailed over the side! I stood looking down at it for awhile as it flowed out of the cup. Oh well , I just left it there so Isaiah would have a mystery to solve.Was that a good deed?  Well, you can call that what ever you want;) lol

    Sunday, November 11, 2007

    High Speed InterNet .... Hot Dog!

    Activate, Action , Cut !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, wise guys AT&T and I still don't have high speed!

    First they cut into our Well Water pipes and said another six months of the same, so save water to use!

    Then we get news via phone it is ready to go and I would be activated Monday November 5th 2007 by 8:00PM.

    So Monday 5th. comes and I am on line that morning when my phone line goes dead!

    At noon a UPS truck hides behind my Big Scotch Pine tree trying to be out of sight? They do the sticker on door and run game here a lot!

    I hurry for the door on my crutches, deep in pain, when I see the guy with a package in his hand heading in my direction. There was one knock, I open the door and low and behold he is already back in his truck! I yell in my full throaty voice 'Hey! ..... UPS!' He yells back 'YO, do you see your package?' now he is out of his truck and peaking around the Pine tree but not moving any closer!  'Need help?' when he sees my crutches, by then I see the tiny package, that looked bigger at a distance. He escapes with his truck in a hurry, as I bend over to pick up the package.

    It is from AT&T a High Speed $50.00 modem and adapters for phone outlets. I find my computer is too old so I can not connect it up! So it will have to be for my sons newer computers! But the phone line on modem they give is too short and can not reach his bedroom from living room plug-in! LOL

    And still no phone dial tone! I keep saying to myself, 'Oh just a few more minutes! Any time now!'

    What the heck happened?

    Wednesday the phone rings! I jump out of my skin! As it seems like years in hearing it ring.

    When they activated?

    They cut my phone lines!!!!!!!

    They found out they forgot to hook up connection besides, after phone was working!!!!!

    LOL I can laugh about it now!

    So after big bucks of equipment to hook us all together with 3 computers ! You can phone me while I am on line! How about that!

    Saturday, November 3, 2007

    Set clocks back 1 hour:)

    Most of the U.S will set their clocks back tonight at bedtime, as Daylight Savings ends...





    Thursday, November 1, 2007

    I am back;) Well, sort of?

    Hi All you good people! Wednesday, 5:56 AM

    Just got in yesterday morning after another long straight through 15 hour drive back from West Virginia.
    My daughter calls from West Virginia and says she has totaled her own and another woman's car!!!!!!!! Call comes in at:  4:00 AM Friday morning 10/26/07 and to please come as she really needed us there for sure!
    She is very sore black and blue even with makeup over it . Internal? But she went on with her wedding! 
    My Car car decides to die in parking lot, Sunday morning! So waited in Motel Lobby after all those good things of calling AAA for a quick start? Or tow?.... An Old Neighbor  had a Car Repair Shop by my old ranch, ..........  but would not be able to get fuel pump or have car done until maybe Monday 29,  afternoon?
    So spent Sunday Cut off or torn from my World Life the 'Inter Net', Renting a room again and hungry for real food to eat by now. Yes, we stayed another night !! 
    Library was closed anyway !!!!!!!  You had to supply your own Lap Top Computer every where public or at Motel, as they just had the wall plug ins for Inter-net connection. ?????
    Good Evening Everyone! 3:47 PM
    Smoke Hole Canyon

    It was a closuretrip for us in returning to the Ranch and seeing how it is being let go:( , seeing our old business we ran/owned in a now almost ghost town.

    Seeing everyone! Wow, we all got old!  Little children grew up and have almost grown children of their own!

     You could even see the aging in the buildings and see how more are turning into ghost towns. This month was the first rains they had all year? So many dead trees!

    Wow, no wonder I am so tired. That all sounds so sad.

    But the happy part and real reason for the trip, My family!! My daughter and son-in-law will be at Smoke Hole for a week. So we find out how she is doing later;)

    Good to be back!

    High Speed will be starting up here some time on Monday Nov. 5th ....... Can you believe that!

    Well, long story short I am back !!!!!!!
    I Have Jet Lag! It will take a lot of napping to snap out of this!

    Just a thought or two:)

    Rivkah and Isaiah:)


    Funny, I was just talking about the people I have met on a daily basis, listening to them, letting them talk out their problems. I was so glad I was able to help them in some small way and give them the encouragment they needed.

    But thinking back now, how many gave me that kind of friendship? Did they really ever get to know me for real? Who am I, my bloodline, my family, where am I from, where have I traveled? They don't know that information about me do they.

    Funny isn't it!  I was among talkative people who never stopped to meet me. They just felt my spirit and love.

    Always reading!

    Wednesday, October 31, 2007

    Visit to the Farm/ranch


    Everyone loved to visit, it became a Summer Vacation spot for many

    Sorry these pictures are copied from photos with a cam
    Fuzzy wuzzy ;-)